How to Waterproof Sunbrella Boat Cover: A Comprehensive Guide

Got a Sunbrella boat cover? Great choice! In this blog post, we’re going to tell you all about your new best friend. These covers keep your boat safe and sound, and we’ll share the reasons why. But, here’s the thing – they need waterproofing. Without it, you might run into some issues. Don’t sweat it, though! We’re here to guide you through it. So, let’s jump in and learn how to take good care of your Sunbrella boat cover!

Is Sunbrella Marine Fabric waterproof?

Sunbrella Marine Fabric is made from special yarns that resist water and sun damage. But, it’s not 100% waterproof. That means it can keep out water to a degree, but if it rains cats and dogs for too long, some water might sneak in.

That said, Sunbrella does an ace job at keeping your boat dry during a drizzle or average rain. Plus, it can handle a splash or two without any trouble.

When Sunbrella gets made, color gets mixed right into the material. It’s like baking a rainbow cake – the color is all the way through, not just on top. So, no matter how much sun it sees, your Sunbrella stays bright and cheery.

Now, let’s talk about a special kind of Sunbrella fabric called Marine Fabric. It’s like the superhero version of Sunbrella, designed just for boats. Here’s what it can do:

  • It’s tough: This stuff can handle anything the sea throws at it.
  • It fights off sun: Harmful sun rays? Not a problem here!
  • It hates mold: Mold doesn’t stand a chance.
  • It stays colorful: Your boat cover will keep looking great.
  • It’s water-friendly: It’s not afraid of a little water, but we can make it even better with some waterproofing magic.

But remember, to get the most out of it, we need to make sure we waterproof it properly. That way, it’ll keep your boat safe and sound, come rain or shine.

How to Make Your Boat Cover Waterproof

A waterproof cover keeps your boat safe from rain and stops ugly things like mold and mildew. It’s like a shield in bad weather. Plus, your boat stays looking good for longer. So, it’s a win-win!


Okay, let’s get your boat cover waterproofed. It’s not rocket science, I promise. Here’s what you do:

  1. First, clean your cover. Get all the dirt off so the waterproof stuff can do its job.
  2. Next, grab your waterproofing spray and apply it all over the cover. Follow the instructions on the can.
  3. Let it dry. This might take a while, but it’s worth it.
  4. Go for round two. Yes, apply a second coat. Trust me, it’s better this way.
  5. Finally, let the cover dry fully before you put it back on your boat. Patience is key here.

See? It’s as easy as pie!

Avoid These Mistakes When Waterproofing

Before I let you go, let me share some common mistakes to avoid. Remember, we want your boat cover to last:

  • Don’t skip the cleaning. Your cover needs to be spotless before you start.
  • Make sure you cover every inch with the waterproofing spray. No shortcuts!
  • Let it dry. I know, waiting is hard. But it’s crucial to let the cover dry fully before you use it again.

Just like your car, your Sunbrella needs regular check-ups. Keep it clean and deal with any dirt or spills ASAP. Once a year, give it a good scrub with a mild soap. Stay away from strong cleaners, they can ruin the shield we just talked about.

What’s Best for Making Sunbrella Fabric Waterproof?

Different Waterproofing Stuff

We’ve seen all sorts of waterproofing things you can use. Here’s a few:

  • Fabric sealants: They stick to stuff like Sunbrella and make a shield against water.
  • Waterproofing sprays: Easy to use and protect against water and sun damage.
  • Waterproofing waxes: Not everyone uses them, but they can work for some boat covers.

Best Waterproofing Stuff for Sunbrella

We’ve found a few things that work really well with Sunbrella fabric:

  • 303 Marine Fabric Guard: Loads of people use this. It stops water soaking in and protects against stains and fading. Plus, it’s safe for all fabrics.
  • Star Brite Waterproofing Spray: This works great for boat covers and other stuff. It’s a doddle to use and protects against water and sun.
  • Scotchgard Water & Sun Shield: This does two jobs – stops water and protects against sun damage. It won’t change the color or feel of your fabric.

How to Pick the Right Stuff

Here’s a few tips to help you pick the right waterproofing stuff for your Sunbrella boat cover:

  • Is it Safe?: Make sure it won’t harm your Sunbrella fabric.
  • Does it Protect?: Go for stuff that stops water and sun damage.
  • What do Others Say?: See what other people think of it. It can help you decide.
  • Is it Easy to Use?: Pick something simple that doesn’t need any special kit to use.


Waterproofing keeps your boat safe and sound. It’s like a shield that stops water from harming your boat. We’ve shown you how to make your cover stronger and why sealants are like a boat’s best friend.

We’ve also looked at some top-notch products. These are the best ones around to help you waterproof your cover. And remember, taking care of your cover is a big deal. Keeping it clean and safe is the way to go. We’ve shared some tips to help you avoid common slip-ups.

And let’s not forget, Sunbrella covers are a cut above the rest. They’re pretty great at staying dry. But, they still need a little help from us to stay at their best. We hope all this info will help you take good care of your boat cover.